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You can use Chichester City centre WiFi for free or contribute to support CHiFi.

Your support will ensure that City centre WiFi not only remains a permanent feature in Chichester but also allows us to extend the network to cover the entire City centre and beyond.

Choose a way to get connected or contribute

Your contributions will help make Chichester a 'super connected' City, improving visitor experience, helping businesses communicate with fast Internet and helping residents access superfast broadband.

Free Chichester city wide WiFi

Free WiFi access

Just use CHiFi for free without contributing. Get free superfast WiFi access for one hour.

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Pay as you go Chichester city wide WiFi

Pay for the day

Stop struggling with slow and expensive 3G. Pay a Pound and surf all day.

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Please contribute to Chichester city wide WiFi

Make a contribution

Contributions are rewarded and help maintain and grow the City centre WiFi network.

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Pay as you go 24/7 Chichester city wide WiFi

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Full time access to Chichester City centre WiFi for one month.

24/7 for £9 a month

One off antenna supply and set up costs of £48 apply to Business and Residential broadband options.

Pay as you go Chichester city wide business broadband and WiFi

business broadband

Get prioritised unlimited business grade broadband access. Pay as you go monthly.

Just £35 per month
Pay as you go Chichester city resident WiFi

Resident Broadband

Superfast broadband access optimised for movie streaming and home use.

Just £29 per month
Chichester city wide WiFi advertising and marketing solutions

Network Advertising

Highly targeted captive portal directory based advertising platform.

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Chichester city wide WiFi advertising and marketing solutions

Sponsorship oportunities

Sponsor specific access points and control advertising messages provided to users in the vicinity of the access point.

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Chichester city wide WiFi advertising and marketing solutions

Digital marketing platform

Smart WiFi enabled location based marketing campaigns engage customers in real time .

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Chichester city wide WiFi analytics, advertising and marketing solutions

Data analysis and reporting

Identify patterns and trends, strengths and weaknesses in a business or specific strategy.

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Extend CHiFi into your premises

CHiFi City centre WiFi is by nature an outdoor communication network designed to flood outdoor areas with Internet connectivity.

Small retail outlets near to access points will benefit from a degree of WiFi coverage inside their premises but larger (deeper or multi floor) shops with retail space further away from access points will not.

Retailers can pay to extend the city wide WiFi network inside stores so that devices already connected to the network will remain connected in store. Additionally the in store (private) access points can be configured to serve store or brand specific advertising and messaging to users whilst inside the store.

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Try WiFi 'smart' marketing

What would you say to your customers if you could send a notification direct to their smart phone the moment they arrived in the city?

Our check-in, customer recognition and powerful social media interface tool allows Blaze Wireless to connect direct to customers as soon as their device is discovered on the WiFi network.

Knowing that the user is connected to the WiFi platform allows us to send them a welcoming message with specific marketing content.

Opening the message can show the user a list of 'todays offers'.

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Simple one click, secure payment

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    Guests sign in to the WiFi platform and select a way to connect.

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    Clicking on your selection opens a secure payment gateway on your device.

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    Pay in one step with mobile payment or by SMS and you are good to go.

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Blaze Wireless specialise in providing indoor and outdoor WiFi installations, broadband in remote locations and custom connectivity solutions for homes and businesses throughout the South of England.

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